Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Rats Nest?
    • The largest Open PVP Player Owned Town (POT) in Shroud of the Avatar.
      • Beginning July 28th, Rats Nest will have 524 Row Lots available to claim.
  1. Where is Rats Nest Located?
    • Rats Nest sits on an island which is directly connected to the eastern shore of Verdantis Shardfall, the location of many of the games rarest resources.
    • You may access Rats Net via a ferry from the Verdantis coastline, or if you are coming through Norgard, there is a balloon located in the player owned town, The Horned Society, that will carry you across the sea to our location.
      Rats' Nest Location
  2. What does Rats Nest look like?
    • The city has come a long way since the original concept design. (see below)original concept art
    • Version 1.0 was a proof of concept.  Row lots were placed as quickly as possible and the lag was horrible.  It took over 10 minutes just to load the scene, then another 10 for it to normalize!Rats' Nest Version 1.0
    • Version 2.0 was much better as the developers had optimized loading the scene.  What used to take 10 to 20 minutes now took one 1 or 2.  Row lots were carefully placed and the foundation of Rats Nest 2.0 took well over 12 hours to complete.Rats' Nest Version 2.0
    • [Version 3.0] – Coming Soon: It is my hope that the next version of Rats Nest will be closer to the original concept design. Currently the Island Template does not allow for the type of close urban sprawl that I’d like to see. In addition, there are no “large wall” assets that would prevent players from outflanking the “maze like” effect of the close housing.
  1. Will Rats Nest have PVP?
    • Yes.
  2. Does Rats Nest have any rules or laws?
    • Yes, but there are only two and they are extremely easy to follow.
      • Do not attack the Rats Nest owner, Baron Drocis Fondorlatos.
      • Pay taxes in full and on time.
  3. Why is one of the laws that the town owner can’t be attacked?
    • Because the town owner must be able to walk the streets of Rats Nest to conduct business without being attacked by the very people that will benefit the most from active management of the town.
  4. What happens if someone breaks one of these two laws?
    • Law breakers are removed immediately from being a resident of Rats Nest. This shouldn’t be a difficult request to comply with. There’s only one person you can’t attack (the owner).
    • Residents that fail to pay taxes in full and on time will be removed from the towns register which will prevent them from having a lot in Rats Nest. This is not a ban from the town, it’s a removal from owning a lot in the town.
  1. Will Rats Nest ever banish a player from Rats Nest?
    • The owner of Rats Nest will NEVER ban a resident for ANY reason.
    • Rats Nest is not interested or responsible for policing the game for Terms of Service violations, that’s Portalarium’s job. No player will ever be banned from the POT. However as a good citizen of New Britannia, it is strongly suggested that all players read and understand the Shroud of the Avatar Terms of Service so they may follow it in spirit as well as the letter to avoid entanglements that might result in a ban from Shroud of the Avatar by Portalarium.
  1. How much are taxes?
    • To Be Determined.
    • Taxes will likely be half of whatever it would normally cost someone to own a lot. For example, if Portalarium charges 2000 gold per month, you pay 1000 to the owner for the right to live in Rats Nest for that month.
    • NOTE: Taxes have been suspended until the launch of the game.  During Pre-Alpha, all lots are available to test without Rats Nest charging a tax.
    • Obsidian Gold and Silver Crowns will also be accepted for tax payment.  The exact amount has yet to be determined.
  1. How do I get a lot in Rats Nest?
    • Beginning on July 28th, 2016…
    • Near the Bank of Rats Nest will be a vendor owned by the Rats Nest Governor, Drocis Fondorlatos.  Each month the vendor will sell “lot receipts” in the form of single page letters or books. The game will send a message to the owner of Rats Nest when a lot receipt has been purchased. The owner will then flag the player as being a resident for the duration of the type of lot receipt purchased at the vendor.
    • Types of lot receipts that will be on sale include:
      • 1 Month (30 Days)
      • 3 Months (180 Days) Will include a moderate price discount.
      • 1 Year (365 Days) Will include a substantial price discount.
    • When a lot receipt has reached the final day after purchase, the POT owner will remove access to the lot until a new lot receipt is purchased.
    • Rats Nest will never sell lot receipt’s for cash out of game.  All transactions will be for in-game gold, or resources. The option to purchase Rats Nest lot receipt’s using in-game resources has not been developed at this time.
    • Lot Receipts will be uniquely numbered for tracking purposes. Lot Receipts are not transferable. Lot Receipts do not entitle the Lot Receipt holder to multiple lots. One lot may be claimed per Lot Receipt. If multiple lots are claimed by an Avatar that has not paid for the same number of lot receipts, all lot receipts are null and void.
    • Example of a Lot Receipt:Lot Receipt Example
    • Each month after July 28th, I will post the names of current residents on this website as a way for people that have purchased Lot Receipt to reconcile that my information matches their own account.