Drocis the Devious (Illustrated by Denis Loubet)

Drocis the Devious 2 25

As a pledge reward, Baron Drocis Fondorlatos is waiting on a custom head for his character model. Denis Loubet was commissioned to draw the head. The ball is now in Portalarium’s court. The Baron expects to have a head by launch. 😉

Drocis Fondorlatos

The Rats Nest Coat of Arms is a Rat’s Skull with Obsidian Teeth on a brown background and black border. The background was selected because the color for Truth is associated with blue, and the color for the opposite of Truth (Deceit) is orange, and together they make brown.

Black Band

A slightly flashier version will contain the phrase “We make our own fate. We tell our own lies” in runic on the outside border.  This version does not conform with the SotA College of Arms, so it will be used only for promotional purposes.

Black Band w Runes